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Our Pittsburgh Internet Marketing Company can help you create a winning marketing strategy

Are you planning to use your website and other digital media to promote your business? Internet Marketing strategies like Pay per click advertising with Google Adwords or social media marketing like Facebook and Twitter are no different than traditional marketing. There are some fundamental steps you need to take to ensure that your marketing campaign is a success and to avoid wasting your marketing dollars!

Realistic Goals

As a Pittsburgh Internet Marketing Company, we can help you to establish attainable, realistic goals. Understanding whether the results you expect are real and not "Pie in the Sky" is very important in any marketing campaign. We have a solid track record of attaining the marketing goals that we set with our clients.

Measurability and Accountability

In any marketing medium, being able to measure effectiveness and adjust your campaign along the way is critical. A significant difference between traditional marketing and Internet Marketing is the ability to measure results accurately and quickly. With Google Analytics, we can monitor progress monthly, weekly and even daily if needed. And, as for accountability, if you are not satisfied with the results, simply contact us to cancel your contract. Keystone By Design is a leading Pittsburgh Internet Marketing Company, and we do not lock our clients into long-time contracts. Most of our contracts can be cancelled by simply giving us a 30 day notice.

Target your Audience

Let us help you reach the right people in the right region at the right time with the right message. Powerful tools like our proprietary, in-depth Key Phrase Analysis tool as well as Google Local and Google Webmaster Tools help us ensure you get your marketing message out on the Internet. You will see it in your sales! Contact us today to have one of our experts visit you. See what our Pittsburgh Internet Marketing Company can do for your business. There is no cost and no obligation!